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New Cryptocurrency Token to Revolutionize Trading

  ICO Begins on April 15 2018


A special new cryptocurrency called ALLSTOCKS is about to redefine trading in the global markets by enabling smooth trading of crypto tokens with the backing of real financial assets in any crypto exchange around the world within a highly secured innovative platform.


ALLSTOCKS is a special state-of-the-art cryptocurrency that is going to change the trade of stocks and assets as we have known it by enabling exclusive trading in financial assets (such as currencies and bonds) with the Blockchain technology within a cutting edge secured technological environment. All ALLSTOCKS tokens are ERC20-compatible and allow stakeholders the rare opportunity of trading seamlessly in other crypto exchanges worldwide.


The ALLSTOCKS ICO is scheduled to begin on April 15 2018 and the sale will be conducted in 3 phases to facilitate investments of people with any budget. There are discounts for early phase investing:


Stage 1: April 15 – April 30, 625 AST = 1.00 ETH (25% Bonus)

Stage 2: May 1 – June 15, 550 AST = 1.00 ETH (10% Bonus)

Stage 3: June 16 – June 30, 500 AST = 1.00 ETH


The ALLSTOCKS Network represents a distributed global stock exchange portal that is engineered to interface with the major stock exchanges as well as stock brokers across the globe. The network is aimed to create a decentralized system in which all stakeholders will be able to trade with an ERC20 standard compatible token.


“With technological advancements that alter the economic climate around us, the world is changing at a rapid pace,” states Kobi Aharon, ALLSTOCKS CFO. “One of the most dramatic changes ever in the world of trading has occurred in recent years – Crypto currency investment is undoubtedly a groundbreaking, phenomenal opportunity in the investment world. But there are yet certain flaws in the cryptocurrency market – such as great volatility and lack of transparency – that are restricting many traditional investors from proactively taking part in the crypto market. ALLSTOCKS is specifically designed to eliminate these flaws that have been deterring traditional investors so that they too can actively partake in this new exciting world of investments.”


What separates ALLSTOCKS from other crypto tokens is an innovative token that is backed by real financial assets such as bonds, stocks, futures or virtually any other tradable asset. The AST platform will hold this asset in a transparent, open, trusted and regulated manner. The token’s value will always be matched by real asset value, and investors can promptly liquefy it anytime they want.


Investors can trade the AST token anytime and anywhere on any kind of Crypto Exchange, which makes it an extremely comfortable option of investment for financiers and investors. There is no question that intermediary fees and broker/bank payments can drain one’s account, but with the ALLSTOCKS platform you don’t need a 3rd party middleman to regulate your trading.


“We’ve developed immediate automatic features,” Mr. Aharon says, “which check and verify that all investments in our network are secured and safe. ALLSTOCKS’ backing of real financial assets are held in escrow accounts at the most reputed banks like JPM, GS, MS, DHY and so on. Investment in ALLSTOCKS is going to be a very smart decision for investors.”


The ALLSTOCKS Network will offer generic API interface to provide greater capacity to developers for their apps and tools for investing, hedging and conducting transactions – everything they need to use the AST tokens.


“With the ALLSTOCKS Network,” Mr. Aharon asserts, “any type of company or investor will be able to trade with perfect ease and flexibility. Moreover, we are going to launch the ICO with different campaign possibilities so that anybody can participate in it, and not just high-end investors.”


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